Instructions for Joe Cool Facts

Joe Cool Facts can be set up using either MTGBot or Nightbot!


  1. Run the following command: !addcom !joecoolfacts %remoteapi


  1. Sign up for Nightbot, login using Twitch and allow Nightbot to access your account. Then click join channel on the upper right to allow Nightbot to join your channel.
  2. Make Nightbot a moderator on your Twitch channel: /mod nightbot
  3. Go to custom commands and hit "Add Command". Add !joecoolfacts as your command, with the following message: $(urlfetch
  4. (Optional) set the appropriate user level for the command and cooldown times.
  5. (Optional) disable some of the default commands to avoid conflicts with MTGBot.
  6. (Optional) adjust some of the spam protection settings so that Nightbot isn't too overzealous about banning users for caps or links